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The temptation, as any self-perceived aggrieved person will attest, is to appeal to government whenever life shakes you a raw deal. Especially so for whole classes of such ostensible victims. Unfortunately, despite evidence dating back to the Paleolithic Age, not everyone’s picked up on what happens once the government agrees to help: these “beneficiaries” end up even worse off than before.

On today’s Peter Schiff Show, Peter rattled off a host of examples: more poverty after LBJ’s Great Society/War on Poverty, higher college tuition following increased government scholarships and subsidies, and more discrimination after the adoption of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the Civil Rights Acts. On the latter score, Peter often reminds listeners that if prospective employees are members of a “protected” class (race, disability, etc.), a lawsuit potentially awaits should they ultimately need to be fired, therefore lessening the chances they’ll be hired in the first place. This conversation came in light of news that federal contract recipients could soon become required to ensure at least seven percent of its workforce is disabled. As Peter said, there are plenty of good jobs for disabled Americans, so there’s no reason to micromanage companies selling specialized services; let the market sort out personnel decisions.

This week’s lesson: If you’re dealt a raw deal and know certain politicos would be more than happy to pander to you, do others like you — and country at large — a huge favor, and instead help yourself out.


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